rager tailgate unit

 About “The Rager”

The one of a kind Rager VIP Tailgate Stadium Cabana measures 8.0ft H x 7.75ft W x 10.0ft L, and can go from the arrival at the event to full assembly in approximately 30 minutes. The Rager was engineered and developed to be portable in design. The Rager consists of six major individual components-Floor panel, 2 side walls, front wall w/double swing doors, back wall, and roof. The Rager is designed to go from its compact shipping form to a fully functional structure with a few simple assembly steps.

The Rager’s goal is to have these ultimate tailgate units at stadiums, arenas, corporate events, tradeshows, racetracks, backyards, and anywhere people want to celebrate in style and comfort in a unique party setting.

Universities and businesses are continually looking for innovative ways to expand the game day or corporate experience and offer new marketing opportunities for their schools, corporate sponsors, season ticket holders, alumni associations, booster clubs. The Rager satisfies that need. THE RAGER is designed to be custom wrapped in 100% vinyl which transforms the outside into a mobile billboard. The Rager is the perfect solution to generate additional revenues for large special events. It can also be taken apart and set up to be used at off-premise events such as festivals, street parties and concerts. The convenient and attractive design added to the fact that it’s a mobile billboard, The Rager has the ability to capture the attention of the audience virtually guaranteeing a crowd wherever it is set up. Because of the unique mobile design, The Rager is the perfect product for universities and colleges to have on hand to offer their Boosters and Corporate Sponsors a unique game day experience and provides a revenue stream every game day.

Multi-functional and mobile, THE RAGER is designed to be on the move. They are forklift compatible and can also be moved around on-site by a 4 dolly system that can be easily added to the base. The Rager is extremely durable and can withstand any type of weather and because of the innovative design it can be used in a wide spectrum of settings. Either in the parking lot, plaza area, stadium concourses, or on the sideline, The Rager VIP Tailgate Stadium Cabana can be used anywhere. The Rager is truly a one of a kind product.