“This past April, we held our annual spring fundraising Banquet for athletics, which featured a guest speaker, dinner and a live auction. We auctioned off two VIP cabanas game packages, homecoming and it sold for $6,000 and our rival game, which brought in $12,000 and we also sold our home opener to an individual that was not a successful bidder for $3,500. The cabana game packages sold for more money than trips with the team, a luxury party bus and all of the other items in the auction. For us, Rager VIP tailgate cabanas are a hot ticket and a no brainer.”

Hillary Guilford, Assistant AD of Marketing and Events, Montanta State University

A few years ago, Montana State University Athletics had an idea to create a tailgate area in which you would pay a fee and just show up and everything was waiting for them, basically a turn-key tailgate area. We knew that we had to offer an exclusive experience in order to generate interest with our supporters and fans, something that was totally unique that they had never seen before. That March we purchased one Rager with a goal of auctioning it off at various fundraisers, and at our first event it sold for more than a third of the unit cost. As a staff we knew immediately knew that we had a money maker on our hands that could create a significant new revenue stream.

We currently have 38 sky suites, and a horseshoe shaped stadium with an open space in our north end zone. I approached our Director of Athletics, and proposed that we buy three more units and put all four Ragers in the open end zone area and sell them as VIP Cabanas that were inclusive with food and beverage. We showed him the startup cost for year one along with the profit that we could make , but what sold him was the revenue for year two and beyond.

The four units were sold within a month without any advertisement, cold calls, or social media promotion. The cabanas have been such a hit with our fans we have had a waiting list for the season, and because we keep one unit to auction off at our fundraising events we are always pleasantly surprised at the dollar amount that it is able to continually generate. The demand for the cabanas has been so overwhelming that before the season, our Learfield team purchased a cabana to market to our corporate sponsors, bringing our cabana total up to five and they now have a wait list for their cabana.

As we enter a new season, we are looking at using the Rager units for cabanas at basketball games, track meets, and VIP areas at special events. We are currently trying to find more space at our stadium to add more units because of the sheer revenue they generate. The Rager cabana is a no-brainer for schools our size, again it creates a real revenue stream that helps yearly projects for our department. Also, the cabana area has enhanced our game-day atmosphere and has created a new tradition for Bobcat Football.

Josh Wanago, Associate Athletic Director for Development, Montana State University

“We purchased a Rager VIP Cabana in August and had a return on our investment well before the last game of the season was even played, we now have a waiting list of corporate sponsors for the upcoming season. The Rager VIP Cabana has provided us a great way to enhance our clients fan experience and generate revenue”

-Quinn Pacini, General Manager, Bobcat Sports Properties

“We were looking for a unique experience for a lucky group of New Belgium Brewing Company customers and distributors in Montana this past fall. I had heard about MSU’s VIP Cabanas and was fortunate enough to be able to rent one out for two games, one in October and also one for the last home game in November. All our group had to do was to show up and everything was stocked and catered for entire game. Everyone was blown away by the unique opportunity of being able to tailgate while watching a college football game up close. I highly recommend this experience to any company looking for a creative way to entertain their customers and business associates.”

– Matt Simpson, Regional Sales Manager, New Belgium Brewing Company